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Sunday at the Wally World

Why does it ALWAYS happen on the days you do not feel like making that trip to the Wally World that those are the very days you have to. I mean like you are going to run out of soap … Read More

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Jug Lifts – Redneck Workout

Last week I showed you how to build your very own jug bar. Now if you didn’t see the “how to” video, stop what you’re doing right and watch it now because you’re going to need this thing for lots … Read More

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Jug Presses – Redneck Workout Tip

I already know you Rednecks have all the ingredients to build your very own Jug Bar. It literally takes minutes to build and before you know it you will be doing Jug Presses and showing ya mama and them how … Read More

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Couch Tater Curls

Cooking Instructions for your sweet tater: Grab you a fork and puncture some breathing holes in that bad boy. Wet a paper towel and wrap around the entire tater. Microwave tater with paper towel around it for 5-6 minutes depending … Read More

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